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5 X 10 Units are 50.00 a month.

Great for storing those items you don't need everyday but easy to get to when they are needed.

10 X 10 Units are 65.00 a month.

Perfect for storing one to two rooms of furniture and still room enough to be able to access your items easily.

10 X 15 Units are 85.00 a month.

Plenty of room to store two to three rooms of furniture with room to spare.

10 x 20 Units are 95.00 a month.

You can store up to 5 rooms of furniture on these units and as with all our units, if packed properly, have room to access just about everything.

10 X 30 Units are 135.00 a month.

This unit can easily hold your entire home furnishings with a bit of room to spare.  if packed properly of course.  Loads of room to hold just about any item(s) you need to store.